Rubber and silicone products

In addition to the automotive market, we produce rubber and silicone products used in the agricultural machinery, machinery, electrotechnical and electronic industries.

For the production of products, we use rubber mixtures based on natural and synthetic rubber:

  • SBR(general purpose rubber compounds),
  • CR (rubber compounds with increased resistance to smoking, weather conditions and medium oil resistance)
  •  NBR (oil-resistant rubber compounds)
  •  EPDM (rubber compounds resistant to weather conditions and ozone and resistant to chemicals)

in the hardness range from 38ᵒ ShA to 85ᵒ ShA meeting the requirements of quality standards:

  • international: ISO, ASTM, DIN
  • Polish: e.g. PN C-94153

We also manufacture products from silicone mixtures in the hardness range from 50 ᵒShA to 70 ᵒ ShA. Improving silicone processing technology is a key element of GUMEX’s development strategy.

Resistance to chemicals, temperature, aging, electricity, drinking water approval, hardness, tensile or tear strength  this is just the beginning of the list of properties that we follow when selecting the optimal material for our clients’ products.