Products for the automotive industry

The largest group of products manufactured by our company are products – spare parts for the automotive industry. Most of them are used in the suspensions of passenger cars and trucks.

Suspension  is a set of elements connecting the wheels with the rest of the vehicle, whose task is to transfer the forces generated at the contact point of the wheel with the road surface to the body. It ensures driving comfort as well as vehicle stability and steerability. The suspension consists of:

  • wheel guiding elements responsible for handling, travel and suspension geometry, e.g. swingarm, stick transverse or longitudinal,
  • spring elements,
  • damping elements, e.g. shock absorbers


One of the rocker components is a rubber-metal bushing. This type of sleeve should be characterized by very good quality of the materials used and workmanship. Its task is to dampen all even the smallest vibrations that cannot be damped by tires and shock absorbers.

Swingarm bushings produced by our company are characterized by very high durability and high quality  because we use the right selection of materials, especially rubber compounds with very good cushioning and damping properties. The construction of all rubber-metal bushings is a strict reproduction of the original details using analogous rubber mixtures and the type of steel in the metal bushing. Thanks to good quality materials and precise workmanship, these products are compatible with the rest of the structure, which translates into safety and driving comfort.

Shaft covers

axle covers are a rubber element that protects the joint against the ingress of such undesirable substances as water, sand or other mechanical impurities, which in turn can lead to corrosion and surface seizing working joints. Symptoms of such a phenomenon may be, for example, knocking during turns, which in turn may lead to breaking the joint.

Steering Gear Cover

protects the toothed rack in the steering gear against water or any mechanical impurities, which in turn may lead to corrosion of metal elements in the steering gear.

The guards produced by our company are characterized by appropriate geometry and high-quality materials from which they are made. We offer our customers universal and specially dedicated half shaft covers for specific car models, in sets with bands and grease or as single products.

Valve cover gasket

is a part of the engine, located where the valve cover meets the valve control mechanism, ensuring a tight connection between the two. It prevents the oil from escaping and, as a consequence, improves engine efficiency.

The engine valve cover gaskets we manufacture are made of a rubber compound resistant to petrol and diesel. The selection of the right material is very important because as a result of the enormous heat generated by the drive unit, the seals can be damaged, resulting in leaks in the valve cover. A gasket in such a technical condition should be replaced immediately so as not to damage the mechanisms controlling the valves .

Rubber-metal engine mount cushions

are an example of car parts designed for driving comfort. They transfer a large part of the engine vibrations to the body. An improperly selected or installed engine mount cushion may imitate an engine failure. Therefore, when replacing these parts, we recommend our reliable solutions. The geometry of our pillows and the materials used are of the highest quality, and the manufacturing technology ensures their reliability.

We produce car cushions for many popular brands, such as: Chevrolet Aveo New, Chevrolet Lacetti, Daewoo Lanos, Nexia and Nubira.