Plastic and thermoplastic products

We also produce plastic products and thermoplastics. They are of various types, including plugs, mud flaps, culverts or overlays. We manufacture black and colored products.

We process a wide range of primary and secondary granules based on polymers PP, PE, HDPE, ABS, PA, PS, PC, POM, as well as technical plastics modified and filled in countless resistance variants.

We have experience in the processing of thermoplastic elastomers TPE, SBS, SEBS, TPV, TPU.

A wide range of our suppliers offers proven granules dedicated to individual applications, where the requirements are defined on the basis of EN, DIN, ISO and ASTM standards or are individually tailored to the needs of our The customer and his product.

All products are manufactured to customer’s order according to the supplied technical drawings, product patterns, photos, sketches and diagrams, etc.

We carry out prototype, low-volume and multi-volume orders.