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Gumex Manufacturer of Automotive Parts is primarily a manufacturer of rubber and rubber-metal spare parts for the automotive and automotive markets. For many years we delivered our products directly for assembly to the Passenger Car Factory in Warsaw.

In addition to automotive products, we manufacture rubber, silicone, rubber-metal, plastic and thermoplastic products used in other industries e.g. agricultural machinery, machinery, electrical engineering and electronic machinery, etc.

We also provide services related to the processing of metals and plastics. We produce from our own materials and entrusted according to drawings or samples received from the customer using optimal technologies depending on the degree of requirements for the product.

The high competence of the crew and flexible approach to the customer’s needs ensure not only the excellent quality of the products produced, but also high efficiency, which consequently moves to the development of the company, expanding its scope of activity and acquiring new customers.

Products for the automotive industry

We produce very good quality spare parts for the automotive industry such as: swingarm bushings, half-axle and steering gear guards, valve cover seals, motor mounting cushions, stabilizer stick cast and others.

Products made of plastics and thermoplastics

Products made of plastics and thermoplastics is the newest and the most dynamic scope of our production.

Rubber-metal products

Our rubber-metal goods as a result of selection of high quality of Rubber compounds and type of metal have excellent static and dynamic load resistance that is accepted by tests and clients’ opinions. Our rubber-to-metal products are characterized by excellent resistance to static and dynamic loads as a result of the selection of high-quality rubber and metal mixtures, which is confirmed by tests and customer feedback

Rubber and silicone products

We produce rubber and silicone goods in different shapes and cross-sections, used in agriculture industry, electronic

How we stand out?



We specialize in the production of rubber and rubber-metal spare parts used in suspensions in passenger cars m.in. in the popular models Daewoo Lanosa, Chevrolet Aveo, VW and Opel. The development of our specialization is very important for the company. New products in this field are implemented several times a year.



Occupational experience and their high competence and flexibility in approach towards clients’ needs allow to create products with full guarantee of the highest quality.



For us it is a foundation that guarantees status quo our company but first of all – its constant development. In modern economy nothing stays at one place. So that’s why we constantly shape awareness all our workers, determining dynamics of change leading to achieve “ turquoise” level of development.


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We sell


Retail sales

In 2020 we are going to set up sales of our goods by auction site and our online store gumex.sklep.com.pl


Realization of wholesale orders

We realize wholesale orders in pallet quantities after individual consultation.


Tenders and individual orders

We participate in tender offers and upon customer’s request we realize cyclical orders.

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